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Introducing the Intentable Marketplace: Powering Intent Trading

Introducing the Intentable Marketplace: Powering Intent Trading

Welcome to Intentable, the first marketplace powered by ‘intents,’ revolutionizing DeFi trading strategies. At its core, an intent trading simplifies the trading process, allowing you to define your trading goals with clarity and precision. This blog explores Intentable’s innovative core, emphasizing its benefits and impact on users and creators by simplifying DeFi with intents.

Screenshot from Intentable marketplace 

What is an Intent?

Imagine interacting with blockchain like planning a road trip with a friend. In the traditional method, a road trip was mapped out in detail – “Take this road, turn here, now lets sleep in this hotel for $300 a night”.


However, think about intents as simply saying, “Hey, I want to end up at this cool spot. Any path works, as long as we get there.” It’s like telling your friend the destination for your road trip without worrying about any turn along the way. The magic behind the scenes (the tech part) figures out the best route and just takes you there.


Similarly with intent, you’re telling the blockchain, “This is what I’m aiming for,” and it sorts out the how-to. Just focus on what you want, and let the technology handle the grunt work. It’s a hassle-free way to interact with technology.

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Creating Intents: The Core of Intentable Marketplace

At the core of the Intentable Marketplace are Intents—customized DeFi trading strategies crafted by traders for traders. These Intents are developed using our Intent Builder, which streamlines the creation of complex strategies without requiring coding skills. This enables traders to automate tasks like yield farming, trading strategy execution, and risk management with ease. Once a strategy is finalized and published, it becomes available to a wider audience, making sophisticated trading accessible to all.


Overcoming Challenges with Zero Trust

The Intentable Marketplace addresses common hurdles in the DeFi space, such as the need for technical knowledge and coding skills. The marketplace simplifies DeFi engagement with its curated Intents from expert traders. Additionally, the incorporation of a zero-trust protocol ensures each Intent meets strict criteria before execution, such as specific quantities, thresholds, and timelines. This ‘Flow’ process adds an extra layer of security, ensuring transactions align with user intentions—if an intent to receive 1 ETH for a specific coin isn’t met, the operation halts immediately.

Collaboration and Rewards: A New Ecosystem

Furthermore, the Intentable Marketplace fosters a collaborative ecosystem where creators benefit from the adoption of their Intents. This model incentivizes innovation and ensures creators receive recognition and rewards as their Intents gain popularity. It’s a win-win scenario that propels the marketplace forward, driving the development of new strategies and tools for DeFi trading.


Empowering Traders and Innovating the DeFi Space

Moreover, by eliminating manual coding and the need for complex automation, the Intentable Marketplace makes DeFi trading accessible to traders of all skill levels. This innovation opens up new opportunities for traders to diversify their portfolios, manage risks effectively, and respond dynamically to market changes. The marketplace is set to become a hub for Intent trading, encouraging innovation and expanding access to the DeFi ecosystem.


Therefore, the Intentable Marketplace represents the future of DeFi trading, where bringing your intentions to life and exploring new strategies is just the beginning. As we continue to evolve, the marketplace will serve as a cornerstone for innovation, making DeFi more accessible and user-friendly for traders worldwide.

walking toward intent trading Crypto world

Looking Ahead

In conclusion, the Intentable Marketplace is the first hub for a wide variety of Intents, poised to become a dynamic hub for Intents, enabling both seasoned and new traders to explore the DeFi sector with confidence. As the marketplace evolves, it encourages innovation, diversifies trading methods, and broadens access to the DeFi ecosystem.

Start bringing your intentions to life, explore the marketplace