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Explore a Range of Expert-Designed Blockchain Intent

Trading Strategies

Leverage a diverse array of advanced intent orders such as trading strategies, arbitrage, limit orders, swing trading, one cancels the other (OCO) tactics, limit order take profit, and more.

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Hedging and Safety

Protect your investments from market volatility with strategies like stop loss for meme tokens and NFTs, stablecoin de-pegging protection, stop loss for LP token/token pairs for liquidity providers, and more.

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Yielding Strategies

Maximize the yield on your assets through a suite of features including staking management, re-staking, liquidity provision, lending for leverage, and more.

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Payment Strategies

Make payments easier with efficient strategies. Simple bill and salary management, multiple token and NFT payments, micro-payment streaming, and more.

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Account Abstraction
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Zero trust

Each Intent may include validations such as quantity to be received, minimum or maximum thresholds, gas price, date, and other criteria.

Creating Every Intent with a Flow

Every Intent is molded by a process known as a Flow, which applies simple 'if this, then that' conditions and arranges operations in a predetermined order, all carried out as a single transaction.


If you specify that you should receive 1 ETH in exchange for certain coins and this condition is not fulfilled by the end of the transaction, then the entire operation will not proceed.

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Discover the advantages of
Blockchain Intent-Based Marketplaces

Strategy design by professionals

Professional traders contribute their expertise, creativity, and ongoing research to the marketplace's strategies. 

Cross-protocol integration

Seamless integration with multiple protocols, enhancing both trading strategies and execution efficiency. 

Enhanced safety and security

intentable technology minimizes traditional smart contract risks.  It enhances transparency by showing users what they are signing for in each protocol and boosts security by eliminating the need for bots in automation.

Full automation

Benefit from fully automated trading, reducing the need for continuous manual intervention and making trading more accessible. 

Utilizing the concept of flash loans

The permission is given based on the end result, if it doesn't occur, the transaction will not be allowed