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Unveiling Intentable: Pioneering Future Tech with a Name that Speaks Volumes


Unveiling Intentable: Pioneering Future Tech with a Name that Speaks Volumes



Welcome to a pivotal moment in our journey. We are thrilled to announce that KiroboFlow is now Intentable! This rebranding isn’t just a change of name; it’s a strategic shift that aligns our identity with the innovation and clarity our technology brings to the blockchain industry.


Why Rebrand?

Our mission at Intentable is to lead and redefine the capabilities of blockchain technology. The terms we used to describe our offerings—while innovative—required us to spend valuable time educating the market. By adopting terminology that resonates more intuitively with industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, we can focus more on advancing our technology and less on explaining it.


What’s Changing?


1. From Smart Transactions to “Intent”:

   – Old Challenge: The term “smart transaction” was technical and nebulous to many outside of the immediate blockchain community.

   – New Approach: By rebranding this to “Intent,” we align with a term that’s not only industry-recognized but also instantly communicates the purpose-driven nature of our technology.


2. From On-Chain Wallet to “Account Abstraction”:

   – Old Challenge: “On-chain wallet” often required additional context to fully convey its innovation and utility.

   – New Approach: “Account Abstraction” is a well-understood concept that clearly suggests a more seamless and integrated user experience, reflecting our tech’s ability to simplify and secure user interactions on the blockchain.


3. From Activators to “Solvers”:

   – Old Challenge: The term “activators” didn’t fully encapsulate the dynamic and problem-solving capabilities of our solutions.

   – New Approach: “Solvers” immediately connotes solution-oriented technology, emphasizing our commitment to overcoming obstacles and enhancing blockchain functionality.


Looking Ahead:

Our rebranding to Intentable marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. It reflects our leadership and foresight in the blockchain space, demonstrating that we are not just keeping pace with industry trends—we are setting them. Our new name and terminology resonate with a clear, forward-thinking vision that promises not only to meet the current demands of the market but to innovate well beyond them.


By embracing terms that are already familiar to many, we bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and user accessibility. This strategic shift is a key part of our commitment to being at the forefront of the blockchain industry, offering solutions that are not only advanced but also easily understandable and integrable.



As Intentable, we are excited to forge ahead with a name that embodies our vision and capabilities. We are more than a company; we are a pioneer of innovation in the blockchain space, inviting everyone to join us on this transformative journey. Expect great things from us—innovations that define the future of blockchain technology, today.

Stay tuned as we continue to lead the way in blockchain innovation. Visit Intentable Marketplace today!


Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, we are shaping the future.