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Why You Should Become an Intent Builder

Why You Should Become an Intent Builder


Intentable is proud to introduce the Intent Builder. a robust platform that empowers you to craft, deploy, and monetize your own DeFi Intent, without coding or development skills.


From creating a simple limit order or token swap to more complicated strategies Intents. For example, combining multiple protocols and conditions to automate yield farming, cycling deposits, and loans between Rocket Pool and AAVE. Additionally, manage risks by monitoring health factors to prevent liquidation.


Any blockchain intent you envision can become a reality and a potential source of passive income. Let’s dive in and understand why you should become an Intent Builder.



 Why Choose Intent Builder?


User-Friendly Design: Engineered for simplicity and effectiveness. This user-friendly design ensures that anyone can create complex DeFi Intents without coding expertise.


Create What You Imagine: At the heart of the Builder is the flexibility to create any Intent you can envision. This means you can construct Intents that meet specific needs, maximize efficiency, and minimize risks – all within a few clicks.


Monetization Opportunities: What makes the Intent Builder truly worth it is the ability to monetize the Intents you create. By uploading your Intents to the Marketplace, you unlock passive income from users who leverage your innovations.

Key Features of the Intent Builder


1. Drag-and-Drop Interface: Simplify complex DeFi creation with an interface that visualizes and executes ideas without writing code.


2. Extensive Plugin Library: Enhance your Intents with a wide range of plugins, allowing for the integration of any protocol from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism (more than 2090 different protocols). 


3. Real-Time Testing and Deployment: Experiment and validate your Intents in real-time, ensuring they perform as expected before going live on the marketplace.


4. Community and Collaboration: Join our growing community of builders who share insights, strategies, and enhancements, further refining the capabilities of your Intents.


A word about the Intentable Marketplace

Within our platform lies the gateway to the Intentable Marketplace. A vibrant ecosystem where builders can publish and monetize their custom Intents. Here, innovation meets opportunity, enabling you to earn passive income as your creations are utilized by others in the community. This marketplace is a collaborative space that amplifies the impact of your work, connecting you with a network of users and developers eager to explore and integrate new DeFi strategies. Whether you’re looking to commercialize your Intents or seeking innovative solutions to enhance your own projects, the Intentable Marketplace provides the tools and audience to make it happen.

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Get Started with Intent Builder Today


Embrace the future of DeFi and blockchain with Intentable. Whether you’re looking to streamline your trading strategies or create new Intents, the Intent Builder provides all the tools you need to succeed. Join us, and be part of a movement that shapes the future of decentralized technology.


Visit Intentable’s Intent Builder to learn more and start building today!


Join our Intent Builder program,
and earn $500 by creating an intent!