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Technology Intent

The Technology Behind Intentable

The Technology Behind Intent



Intent is buzzing in the Web3 scene. It’s a game-changer, letting users set their end goal on the blockchain with preset conditions. This means you can skip the in-between steps and head straight to your target. But what really goes on behind the Intentable’s Intent technology? Let’s dive in.


how Intentable Intent look like 

How Intent works behind the scenes.

The intent language – FCT (Future Conditional Transaction), is a high-level language that operates on-chain at the transaction level. It can be expressed as a standard typed message (EIP-712 v4) in a user-friendly format, ensuring full transparency for the end user. FCT includes variables, return values from calls, conditions, and flow control. Simplifies how we interact with smart contracts. It separates the ‘what’ from the ‘how.’ This means you can send a transaction packed with conditions without the hassle of creating or managing a smart contract yourself.


Take this scenario: a user wants to swap 1 ETH for PEPE tokens if ETH price dips by 10%. Here’s what happens: the user sets a condition (on-chain) that triggers an automatic token swap when a certain price point is hit, all within a single, atomic transaction. The user simply sets up their desired conditions and activates them. Once that condition is met on the blockchain, their Intent springs into action.


Moreover, the user can sit back and relax. There’s no need to manually swap tokens on a DEX or obsessively watch the market. Everything is automated, working silently according to the user’s preset conditions.


Intent builder

The Intent Builder is all about simplicity and accessibility. It features a drag-and-drop interface that makes creating Intents for automated trading, asset hedging, payments, and other DeFi actions straightforward for everyone.


Additionally, when you build an Intent, it’s not just for your use. You can publish it to the marketplace for others to use as well. This opens up a new avenue for income, allowing you to optimize your trading strategies while earning from them too. The marketplace operates on a model where the builder earns commissions for every use of their Intent. So, the more your Intent is used by the community, the more passive income you generate.



Protocol integration

Intentable opens the door to integrating any protocol—over 2096 of them—from supported blockchains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base. This means builders can pull in any function they need from these protocols right into their workspace. Imagine importing the staking function from Rocketpool or the loan features from AAVE to craft an Intent focused on re-staking AAVE loans.


This flexibility gives builders endless possibilities to mix and match protocols, leading to the creation of unique Intents. These innovative Intents pave the way for both the creators and users of Intentable to enjoy a trading experience like no other. With a marketplace that hosts every kind of Intent imaginable, the opportunities are limitless.


Zero trust protocol

The incorporation of a zero-trust protocol ensures each Intent meets strict criteria before execution, such as specific quantities, thresholds, and timelines. This ‘Flow’ process adds an extra layer of security, ensuring transactions align with user intentions—if an intent to receive 1 ETH for a specific coin isn’t met, the operation halts immediately.


chart flow of Intentable zero trust protocol


In conclusion, Intentable technology marks a turning point in the DeFi world, blending the ease of Intent creation with broad protocol integration and the solid safety of a zero-trust protocol. This mix isn’t just advancing trading; it’s expanding the horizons for creativity, passive income, and seamless blockchain experiences. As we forge ahead, Intentable is not just a tool but a gateway to the future of Web3, designed with you in mind. Ready to transform your DeFi journey? Explore the first Intent-centric marketplace now!