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Intent Simulation

Intent Simulation Dive into the world of DeFi where every decision impacts your digital fortune. Discover how Intentable’s Intent Simulation feature can transform risky moves into calculated strategies. This post explores how simulating your Intent can minimize risks, enhance decision-making, and perfect your DeFi strategies before they go live. Ready to trade with unmatched confidence? […]

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On-Chain Alerts For DeFi Trading

On-Chain Alert for Your Intent in Telegram Welcome to our deep dive into the Alert feature. This powerful tool is designed to help you optimize your DeFi trading strategy by keeping you informed about your Intent progress, managing risks, and saving time in the fast-paced DeFi market. Discover how custom Real-Time On-Chain alerts can streamline […]

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The Technology Behind Intentable

The Technology Behind Intent   Intro Intent is buzzing in the Web3 scene. It’s a game-changer, letting users set their end goal on the blockchain with preset conditions. This means you can skip the in-between steps and head straight to your target. But what really goes on behind the Intentable’s Intent technology? Let’s dive in. […]

Technology Intent Feature
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Why You Should Become an Intent Builder

Why You Should Become an Intent Builder   Intentable is proud to introduce the Intent Builder. a robust platform that empowers you to craft, deploy, and monetize your own DeFi Intent, without coding or development skills.   From creating a simple limit order or token swap to more complicated strategies Intents. For example, combining multiple protocols […]