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Technology Intent

DeFi Trading Automation

In 2024, the DeFi market has seen substantial growth, with the Total Value Locked (TVL) increasing from $54.3 billion at the beginning of the year to $87.4 billion by July 7th, marking a remarkable rise. This impressive surge underscores the profitable opportunities within DeFi trading, highlighting the potential for significant profits. As traders navigate the […]

Builders program banner

Builders Program

Welcome to the Intent Builders Program! This program is designed to help anyone interested in blockchain and DeFi create, use, and earn from custom DeFi strategies. First, the program includes registering for a webinar where you will receive comprehensive training on the Intent Builder. For each Intent you create and get approved, you’ll earn $500, […]

Intent Payment

Token Airdrop (ERC-20) Intent

Revolutionizing Token Airdrops 2024 starts well for crypto, with ‘Airdrop’ emerging as a key buzzword. Rapidly distributing ERC-20 tokens challenges us, calling for an advanced solution. Enter our Airdrop Intent: a sophisticated tool tailored to seamlessly distribute ERC-20 tokens. Equipped with ‘Simple Airdrop’ and ‘Multiple Token/Sum Airdrop’ modes, this Intent is perfect for executing token […]

Hedging Intent

Meme Token Holders’ Protection Intent

The New Guard in Meme Token Trading In the rollercoaster world of meme tokens, the need for a navigation tool is dire.Firstly, The Meme Token Holders’ Protection Intent provides a unique hedging mechanism that shields investors from market volatility. Moreover, our Intent timely swaps meme tokens for stablecoins by monitoring liquidity activities on Uniswap V.2.This proactive approach […]

Intent Trading

Limit Order & Take Profit Intent

Limit Order & Take Profit Intent   Imagine navigating the volatile seas of DeFi trading, where each decision could lead to profit or loss. The Limit Order & Take Profit Intent enters here as your strategic compass. In essence, a dual directive defines the Intent: one order aims to capture profits if the price increases, […]


Stablecoin De-Pegging Protection Intent

Stablecoin De-Pegging Protection Intent   Intro   Welcome to the Stablecoin De-Pegging Protection Intent. As the crypto landscape grows more dynamic, protecting your investments against sudden stablecoin de-pegging has never been more crucial. This Intent is your frontline defense, offering real-time monitoring and automated interventions to shield your portfolio from volatility. Discover the value and […]

Technology Feature
Simulation feature cover image

Intent Simulation

Intent Simulation Dive into the world of DeFi where every decision impacts your digital fortune. Discover how Intentable’s Intent Simulation feature can transform risky moves into calculated strategies. This post explores how simulating your Intent can minimize risks, enhance decision-making, and perfect your DeFi strategies before they go live. Ready to trade with unmatched confidence? […]

Technology Feature
Cover image for On chain alert blog post

On-Chain Alerts For DeFi Trading

On-Chain Alert for Your Intent in Telegram Welcome to our deep dive into the Alert feature. This powerful tool is designed to help you optimize your DeFi trading strategy by keeping you informed about your Intent progress, managing risks, and saving time in the fast-paced DeFi market. Discover how custom Real-Time On-Chain alerts can streamline […]

Technology Intent

The Technology Behind Intentable

The Technology Behind Intent   Intro Intent is buzzing in the Web3 scene. It’s a game-changer, letting users set their end goal on the blockchain with preset conditions. This means you can skip the in-between steps and head straight to your target. But what really goes on behind the Intentable’s Intent technology? Let’s dive in. […]


Introducing the Intentable Marketplace: Powering Intent Trading

Introducing the Intentable Marketplace: Powering Intent Trading Welcome to Intentable, the first marketplace powered by ‘intents,’ revolutionizing DeFi trading strategies. At its core, an intent trading simplifies the trading process, allowing you to define your trading goals with clarity and precision. This blog explores Intentable’s innovative core, emphasizing its benefits and impact on users and […]

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